Sunday, 7 August 2016

The third care package!

Title - You are one in a minion!
Themed colour - Yellow

Date of posting - Monday, 8th of August, 2016.
Date of arrival - To be announced!

My loved one and I love the minions! So, although I had other ideas for the yellow care package when I saw this themed idea online I knew I had to make one the same. I had so much fun making this care package (like all my care packages) as I didn't fear he wouldn't like it as I know minions are his favourite.

Surprisingly, I struggled to try and not buy too many items for this care package. This care package mostly includes food items, especially lollies as requested by him. I've found that although the weather is extremely hot, the turnover has been very fast with previous care packages that food items I thought may have melted haven't... yet (anyway)! I always wrap all of my items that I'm worried about melting or breaking in bubble wrap. This can help to ensure if they are to melt that they won't completely ruin the care package straight away along with the obvious reason of bubble wrap preventing items from breaking (hopefully anyway).

 Image (above) - The Yellow Care Package!

Image (above) - The packed care package! Surprisingly this care package including all it's items were the perfect size. This packaged weighed in at 1.91 kgs which I was thankful for since the first care package was too heavy and the second one I had to purchase another box!

Items in this care package included:

  • Hand written letter
  • Starburst snakes
  • Despicable me fruit tails - Orange and Raspberry
  • Ritz snacks - Tasty Cheese flavour
  • Maggi Beef Noodles
  • Minion Candy character 
  • Maggi Chicken Noodles
  • Minion Tic Tacs x3
  • Wagon Wheels x2
  • Starburst babies
  • Minion Toy 
  • Flake chocolate bar
  • Starburst Fruitful mix
  • Minion Bath and Shower Gel x2

Image (above) - Items in the care package

So, in case it wasn't obvious from this care package my loved one had requested a lot of food to send over, especially his favourite lollies Starburst. I'm hoping this care package will last him for at least a week as I know that he generally eats the food from the care packages I had sent him within 24 hours. That is because he loves food from home, like all the snacks and bits and pieces that I send him. My suggestion is that send them anything that they really like because it can be difficult for them to eat due to limited time to go to the mess.

Image (above) - Care package box design

Review of orange care package:
So, I was lucky enough to be able to have a video call with my loved one when he opened this care package. It happened to be our anniversary as well which was special for him and my luck (or should I say amazing timing)! His face was filled with delight when he opened it and that is why I have sent this care package earlier than imagined... seeing the happiness on his face when he opened it meant the world to me. There is no better feeling in this situation to see your deployed loved one smiling with joy and talking to you. So... I guess the second care package was also a giant success!

Madeline - 08/08/2016

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