Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The fourth care package!

Title - "You are doing a great job" - Encourage Mint.
Themed colour - Green.

Date of posting - Tuesday, 13th of September, 2016.
Date of arrival - To be announced!

As an army girlfriend I could list so many items that are green to send to my soldier! Since this is also my loved ones favourite colour I knew this was going to be an enjoyable care package to create! From the beginning of my loved ones deployment I had decided to slowly buy items here and there whenever I saw them and put them in the colours box to prevent the stress of doing one big shop a few days before sending it. The green care package was one of the easiest, this is because there were so many green items I purchased from food, toiletries, even items to use in the few hours he may have 'free time' in (a rare occasion for him at the moment, lol) and more food!

I had originally planned to post this over a week ago, but it took longer than imagined to have finished the decorations on it. The letters alone on the care package took several hours over a couple of days to complete, so, I'd make a recommendation that IF you aren't good at cutting letters out (like me) then maybe spend money on stickers. I bought a bunch of silver stickers but I like the font of the letters which is on Microsoft word rather than the stickers. After that, I cut out the letters individually then outline them on black cardboard and cut them out. Also, a tip with this is to keep some of the base colour to use use when making the middle hole for letters i.e. A, O, E, etc. I've found this gives a nicer finish to the letters rather than shoving scissors into the middle of the letter.

Image (above) - Design of Care Package. The letters aren't perfect as it took longer than what I had imagined and almost lost my 'cool' after day three of working on them.

Image (above) - The Green Care Package!

Image (above) - The packed care package! So, as you can tell by this image unfortunately there were too many items in this care package to even close the lid. After using my Tetris skills and packing I finally found most items to fit. However, when I went to the post office the package was overweight so I had to remove a packet of wet wipes, a can of pringles, packet of chewing gum and a milo bar, to get the perfect weight of 2 kilograms... #winning 

Items in this care package included:

  • Twirl chocolate bar, mint flavour
  • Box of shapes, Orginal barbecue flavour
  • Extra spearmint chewing gum x3
  • Milo bars x2
  • Ritz snacks, sour cream and onion flavour
  • Speed Puzzles book
  • Hand written letter
  • Mint Pattie
  • Pringle cans x2
  • Body wash, Orginal Source
  • Breaking Bad season one
  • Yoyo
  • Cleansing Puff
  • Smartskin face wipes x2
  • Ball on a paddle
  • Mentos x2
  • Exercise massage ball
Image (above) - Items in care package.

Review of yellow care package:
The yellow care package was another major success! My loved one forgot to tell me that he opened it, and surprisingly it only took nine days to get to him from Australia. As I only send the care packages once a month, I have told him many times any food items are to last the whole month, but he ate 2 of the 3 bags of lollies within 24 hours of receiving it.. But I guess with the long days/night he needed it! The green care package will be sure to have another review in my next care package post, fingers crossed for another success... Not sure if he will find this as cute as the minions. Thanks for reading!

Madeline - 13/09/2016

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