Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The second care package!

Title - 'Orange' you glad you got this care package?
Themed colour - Orange.

Date of posting - Tuesday, 12th of July, 2016.
Date of arrival - Sunday, 24th of July 2016.

I found this care package enjoyable to create. While I was struggling with ideas for orange items to send over in this care package, I've realised if you buy piece one at various times when you are ready to send the care package you'll have a full box of goodies for him/her! Since my partner left on the 24th of May, I've have been purchasing small little items here and there which are cheap and can be sent overseas and putting them into the pre-packed boxes I'm eventually sending off. So, although I thought I didn't have much for my orange care package... it turned out that I had a lot! Of course, I was cautious about the weight of it, making sure it wasn't over 2kgs so I didn't have to pay.

 Image (above) - Orange care package!

Image (above) - This time I had to send two boxes! This was because everything didn't fit in the main box and it was over weight. The main box weighed in at 1.864 kgs without the watch or game, so I purchased a smaller box that weighed 0.673 kgs!

Items in this care package included:
  • Box of shapes - Chicken Crimpy flavour
  • A toothbrush (may be used to clean teeth or weapons)
  • Packet of fruity chews
  • Sunscreen - SPF 50+
  • LQD - Tropical flavour (to add to water)
  • 250 Mixed puzzles book
  • (Another) Pair of undies
  • Face washer towel
  • Tic Tacs - Orange flavour
  • Niva Men deodorant - Stress protect
  • Nintendo DS Game - Crash, Boom, Bang!
  • Orange 'happy candee' in a tube
  • Tic Tacs - Peach and Lemonade flavour
  • Hand written letter
  • G Shock Watch - His new pride and joy that he bought online and got delivered home for me to send over to him
Image (above) - Items in the care package

Just like the first care package, I am so so excited to send this off! I feel like these are a great way to keep in touch and even if you aren't very artistic, it's enjoyable to make. I've seen lots of great ideas on other blogs and I am hoping to create something amazing with mine!

The title name was hard to think of but, if you can't think of anything use the internet! People create care packages for all different reasons, not just military, you can use their ideas along with yours to create something your loved one will truly enjoy.

Review of blue care package:
SUCCESS! My loved one was over the moon when he received it. We had made an arrangement that he would open it when we were on video call on Skype but he couldn't resist and opened it while I was asleep. Surprisingly, the m&m's had not melted which was a positive and it only took 11 days from when i posted it to when he received it. He is 'patiently' waiting for the next one, asking when and what colour it is... Keep posted for my next care package, until then thanks for reading!

Madeline - 12/07/2016

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