Sunday, 23 October 2016

The final care package!

Title - You are so hot like a sunrise!
Themed colour - Red

Date of posting - 20/10/2016
Date of arrival - To be announced! 

The day has finally arrived where I send my final care package to my man... Well at least for his first deployment because there is always that possibility of him being deployed again. When I sent this off I had mixed feelings. From joy knowing that it will hopefully be the last one (or at least the last one for a few years) and not having to nearly pull my hair out trying to make each and every little detail perfect to pure happiness knowing although it's the last one in the next few months he will be home again! Due to the unknown of when he will be returning home, there was a cut off period of guarantee that the care packages would arrive to them being the 5th of October, 2016. I'm aware that I've sent this off later than that date but due to work and study (including assessments being due) I've done my best to send this as quickly as possible relying on it arriving within two weeks like my other care packages have! While there is a possibility of it never arriving for him I accepted that risk when I sent it and just hoped for the best.

Another 'reason' I will use for sending this off later than the date I read was the due date for guarantee of arrival was because I struggled with the theme for this one. Although I tried to be creative like always most of the websites I used for ideas used the red care package for valentines day or Christmas which I couldn't use. For people who are not Australians, you may not understand that there is more to this than just giving a compliment to my loved one. So, if you are to watch that you'll discover the joke to this idea.

Image (above) - Design of care package.

Image (above) - The Red Care Package!

Images (above) - The packed care package. Although I had managed to fit every item into one box when I went to the post office the care package weighed in at 2.6kgs which I was surprised about. Since there were lots of little items I got another small box (only cost $1.75) which I was able to pack with items to make the weight under the 2kg! 

Items in this care package included:

  • Stress Ball 2 pack
  • Red letter
  • Packet of Jelly beans
  • Optical Illusion book
  • Snickers bar
  • Can of Pringles
  • Doritos - Cheese Supreme
  • Bhuja snacks - Beer mix
  • Sesame bar x2
  • Deck of cards
  • Sour Straws
  • Box of band-aids
  • Vegemite cheesybites
  • Maltesers box
  • Killey Python packet
  • KitKat Bar
  • Tube of toothpaste
  • Skittle boxes x2
  • Box of Tic Tacs
  • Cadbury crunchy bar
  • Picnic bar x2
(I also included a KFC packet which has a little wet wipe, napkin and spoon which I sent just to tease my loved one as he is craving it and is hoping to have it as his first meal when he gets back home. Just forgot to put it in the picture below.)

Image (above) - Items in care package.

Review on purple care package -
Due to sending the red care package sooner than I had imaged, the purple care package has only arrived yesterday so I'm not able write my review as we haven't opened it 'together' over video call yet. I'll be sure to do another post soon about both the purple and red care package (hopeful) success. Until he receives both of them and opens them, thank you for reading!

Madeline - 23/10/2016

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