Monday, 20 March 2017

"If you don't support our forces you don't belong inside our borders"

The famous quote of "If you don't support our forces, you don't belong inside our borders" has been circling more frequently as society develops and the acceptance of asylum seekers, refugees and a international individuals becomes more common. Whether they are thankful for our great land and its establishment, some people will argue yes and others no.

Australia... 'The lucky country' I read online. I agree, and I am thankful every single day of my life that I did not live through any wars - From World War I to the Vietnam War and everything in between. However, what I find difficult is the recognition of the people that serve and continue to serve our Country. Some people may say 'Well, we have Anzac day and Remembrance Day. That should be enough.' I, personally do not agree. I understand people may think I am biased due to having a boyfriend in the army. I disagree. I am not biased, I have been exposed to the hardships individuals face doing their job to protect you and I. The hardships of accepting it is acceptable to take another's life if in danger or threatened by another, the hardship of saying goodbye to their loved ones... whether that may be a young family, their parents, partner, family and friends, or even their dog. As a second hand woman to it all, I have come to realise there has been a decrease in the support or better yet appreciation of our serving members.

'Well, it is now their choice to join the army... Unlike back in the war days when men and boys were forced to fight for their country.' Yes, that is very true and with that there are heartbreaking stories of young boys lying about their age to be able to serve their country. However, the current men and women serving their country, although they may not be fighting for it, they have chosen this career. The career as labelled in a 2017 research, as the most stressful job in Australia. These individuals have chosen to serve their country openly and willingly, often giving up everything which they know and love. I do not expect people to provide sympathy, instead respect and appreciation. For a moment on the days we recognise the fallen, also take a moment to recognise the individuals still serving or to whom has served. 

When reading the online comments relating to this quote, I often read comments insulting, discriminating and belittling international individuals that have come to call Australia home. I understand where these people are coming from and once felt this way. However, in considering this quote it is more than international people 'belonging inside our borders' it is the matter of all people... Australian or not. I've read and seen disgusting comments and posts by Australians that have little to no respect for the people who have given up everything, like I said before... From World War I to 2017 and the future. 

So, there is an importance of this quote is a matter of who we are as a country. Although this is only my opinion, the recognition in Australia must remain throughout time from the past, present and the future. Be thankful where you live, who you are and the rights you have today as this 'lucky country' did not happen over night. 

And for people who do not support our forces, arguing that you do belong inside our borders yet refugees that support our forces more than you, or are joining our forces to protect their new country and home, I hope that you rethink about this. I am an Australian, and although I have a partner in the forces, I am not biased. Instead his career has assisted me to open my eyes, heart and arms to appreciate these individuals, each and every day. At the end of the day, I agree with this quote - whether Australian or not, supporting our forces assists our country to be the best that it can be. Support the people who have lost their lives serving for our country, support the men and women who are currently deployed or are being trained overseas and in Australia and finally, support the days where we recognise these individuals and thank them.